Hosted IP-PBX

What is a Hosted IP-PBX?


VoIP Thailand’s Cloud PBX is a professional telephony system hosted in a Data Center in Bangkok. Opposed to a traditional analogue phone system, VoIP Thailand’s Hosted PBX requires no hardware except from phones in your office.

What are the key advantages of a Hosted PBX?

VoIP Thailand’s engineers can fully customize your telephony system according to your specific needs. You can even integrate your CRM over multiple offices in different countries within VoIP Thailand’s cloud based phone system. As you will have to pay for it all, here is more good news: Make free phone calls via Internet between branches in crystal clear voice quality and save up to 70% on your current phone bill on outbound calls.

Is this a solution for my business?

If you are looking for a cost-effective & flexible telephony system with more than 15 extensions, you should
 get in touch with us.